SupportStore is a database application designed to enable a helpline record and track support calls/emails and their responses. Service User data can be recorded and multiple support sessions associated with them (including emails sent & received). It also has the facility to record times and dates of missed calls & hang-ups (MCH) along with hoax calls and emails (HCE).

SupportStore Features:

  • Automatic Active Directory integration to enable logged-in user-level security to be controlled by Group membership (Admin).

  • Outlook integration provides the ability to drag & drop support session emails from Outlook into SupportStore

  • Stand-alone email search enables users to recall emails between dates or by recording user (Admin).

  • Service User search facility enables Service User details to be recalled to add further support sessions or recall emails.

  • Reporting provides reports of Service User Sessions by date, Service User or Recording User.

  • Reporting provides date-grouped MCH & HCE reports.

  • Custom reporting will be featured in v1.5

  • As part of compliance with the Data Protection act, SupportStore has the ability to delete Service Users while maintaining the integrity of the reported data.



Database Functions:

SupportStore uses a MySQL database which can be either on a remote or local server. If no database server is available then SupportStore has the ability to install one locally, (although, to keep the application small, an internet connection is required for this). If there is already a database server available then SupportStore can create its own database with pre-installed data. All the user has to do is provide a database name, username, password and server name and SupportStore will do the rest.

SupportStore's database Admin functions also include the ability to truncate (clear) tables, edit tables and backup the database to a SQL text file.





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