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At Athena, we can support or repair most devices on site but, sometimes, it's not convenient for you, the customer, so we offer a workshop facility. We can collect the faulty hardware, repair it and return it to you fully working with a complete description of what was wrong and how it was repaired.

Occasionally, if we're called out to a repair and the problem is serious enough, the faulty equipment may need to be returned to our workshop for repair. Usually, these problems fall into one of the following categories:


Viral/Malware infection:

Usually, these can be taken care of on site but sometimes the infection can be so deep that it takes multiple scans, or deeper scans, to solve the problem and these can take a long time (if re-installing the operating system is not an option).


Failed/damaged hardware:

While this affects both laptops and desktop machines, replacement of hardware for laptops is usually safer and quicker in a workshop environment. With laptops the most frequent hardware problems that require workshop attendance are damaged screens, failed motherboards & overheating problems (requiring stripping down and clearing internally). Desktop hardware can usually be replaced in-situ, but some problems, which can involve time-intensive solutions such as OS re-installs, hard drive data recovery and the like, are better carried out in a workshop

In each case, the decision whether to return the equipment to the workshop is one made by you acting upon the advice of the engineer.

All customer equipment returned to the workshop will be covered by company insurance and looked after to the highest standards and you will be kept informed at every stage of the repair.

In the event that any extra work or parts are required, (outside of the original repair), then the customer will be notified and no work carried out or parts ordered without the express permission of the customer.








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