Athena Pricing


Athena’s pricing structure is slightly different from most. For non-commercial (end-user) customers we charge a set price, no matter how long the job takes, and we don’t charge a call-out fee. Generally, the only extra charges are for parts, and this charge is payable up front prior to ordering, (because of the constantly varying costs for IT parts, and the need to keep costs as low as possible for our customers, we don’t keep parts in stock. Parts are ordered as and when needed).


End-user Customers

For our end-user (non-commercial), customers, we have a set pricing structure. This gives the customer peace of mind that, if they need to call us out, or have their equipment repaired in the workshop, then this is the price they are going to pay. There are no hidden charges, no surprises and all costs include VAT at the standard rate (20%). The charges are as follows:


  • HomeService: Standard Onsite Repair: £50.001 (Quickfix: 50% Refund2)
  • Workshop: Return-To-Base Repair: £60.003
  • Training: £15.00/hr (£40 for first 4 hours)4


For commercial BreakFix pricing please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send an enquiry via the Helpdesk.



1 This is not a call-out charge. It is a set one-off repair charge and is payable on completion of the repair. Any parts required are not included in the cost and must be paid for prior to ordering.

2QuickFix charge is payable if the repair takes 45 minutes or less from arrival on customer premises and is at the engineer’s discretion.(If HomeService has been paid for in advance this will result in a 50% refund).

3This charge replaces the Standard Onsite Repair charge if the equipment needs to be returned to the workshop for repair and covers additional transport and workshop costs. It is not an additional charge.

4A minimum of 4 hours is required for training.




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