ENgage Help

To create an account and use ENgage, simply go to "Diary (ENgage)" on the main menu, click on "ENgage Live Schedule >". You will then be taken to the payment portal. Select which option you would like to pay (full cost or deposit), You will then be taken to our PayPal site where you can pay via Credit/Debit card (or PayPal if you have an account).

Once payment has been made the scheduler will open in a new tab. Click on "Login" in the top right corner and then "Register". Enter a username and your email (if the username or email address already exists then you will need to choose another). Click "Register" and an account will be created. An email will be sent to your address with your password. You will need this to login.

Once logged in, you can then create a pending entry. This will appear in the scheduler but will only be visible to you and the administrator until it has been approved and assigned a category. The category colours are as follows:

PENDING  Initial state of new user entry.

REPAIR Category for repairs (both software and hardware)

OS INSTALLATION Category for new or existing Operating System installations

HARDWARE INSTALLATION Category for installation of new hardware.

UPGRADE Category for upgrades of either hardware or software (usually OS's).

DATA RECOVERY Category for data recovery performed on any form of storage.

TRAINING Category for any form of training requested.


Once your entry appears in one of these colours then you will not be able to update or change the entry. Any changes will have to be sent to the administrator for the entry to be updated.

Please Note: All approved schedule requests will be publicly displayed as reserved entries but no details can be viewed by anyone except the administrator and the owning customer.