Diary (ENgage)

Athena ENgage is an online scheduling service that displays the disposition of engineers and allows new and existing Athena customers to select times and dates that they would like for an engineer call-out.

With most IT support organisations, the customer has to contact the helpdesk with their fault who will then decide whether or not to assign a time slot for an engineer to go on site. These time slots are usually rather broad, typically a four or six hour slot within which the engineer is due on site. This means that the customer has to be available within this entire period waiting for the engineer to arrive.

Engage removes this vagueness by allowing the customer to view the engineering diary and, from the available time slots, request engineer attendance at a time that suits them. Each request is subject to Athena approval and will remain 'pending' until authorised.

Each customer has their own scheduling account which keeps a complete history of all call-outs made by that customer, enabling Athena to see patterns over time which may indicate training needs, potential hardware failures, malware/intrusion problems etc.